La 2º temporada de The Glades llega este lunes a FOX

Escrito por Carlos Alberto Sánchez

Los fans de The Galdes han podido disfrutar durante esta pasada Semana Santa de la 1º temporada de The Glades, todo una aperitivo para ponerse al día con la serie que estrena sus nuevos episodios este mismo lunes a las 21:30 horas. The Glades regresa con su 2º temporada en FOX.

Matt Passmore está acompañado en esta serie por Kiele Sanchez (Samantha Who?), Carlos Gómez (Sleeper Cell) y Michelle Hurd (Law & Order SVU).

Passmore interpreta a  Jim Longworth, un brillante y prometedor detective de Chicago que ve como su carrera es truncada cuando un capitán le ataca tras acusarle injustamente de haberse acostado con su mujer. Palm Glade, en Florida, será su próximo destino, un retiro paradisíaco que sin embargo dará mucho trabajo a Longworth.

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  1. Alexandre 30 Abr, 12 18:17

    I too have found this show to be VERY disappointing after a stnrog season one showing. I don’t know what the difference is exactly .directing, writing, acting, but I sure do know what the result is: Matt Passmore’s character is a prick. His approach to every other character in the show is that of an aggressive, judgmental, smartass. I was in law enforcement for 17 years. I’ve seen this kind of a jerk in real life and there is nothing cute, entertaining or excusable about him. Under color of law, from the safety of being behind a badge, he is abusive in every communication and uses threats and intimidation as his primary investigative tools. Like Passmore’s character, he frequently demonstrates what an illinformed and toothless threat he really is when he opens his big mouth well before he really knows what the situation entails. I could go on. I won’t. I’ve taken this show off my DVR list. I’ll watch it again if circumstance dictates. But I’ll not have a program flickering in my home that provokes me to be giving the TV the finger every time the lead character delivers a scene setting line.